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Ask most Movado wristwatch owners for the exact time and you are going to get a ‘who-the-hell-knows-o’clock’.  This is because most Movado wristwatches do not have numerals, minute hashes or second hands.  All they have are two frustrated hands and a dot or a diamond where a twelve should be.  They are the ribbed condoms of wristwatches.  Sure, a wristwatch is supposed to tell you what time it is, but specificity is not Movado’s purpose.  They value style above precision.  Their vast collections of timepieces are made with quality materials and artisanship.  If they happen to be precision instruments, how would you know?  Judges will not be using the Movado Museum Collection for the 50-Meter Freestyle Swimming Finals at the Summer Olympics.  So why are they so popular?  Let me state the obvious here, Movado evokes a sense of status over practicality.  “As a matter of fact, I can afford a wristwatch that will give me the exact time in four different time-zones, but I prefer to guess within a three minute window of wonder”.

Status over practicality says a lot about us as people.  A friend will take you for a spin in his or her new car, pointing out every savory feature before ultimately revealing their manumatic transmission, a feature that allows you to switch over from automatic to manual shifting.  Your response might be a well intended, “Wow, that’s cool”.  I guarantee you; your friend will never use this feature, ever.  Why pursue this feature?  Because it came with the touring edition and you have to have a touring edition.

No sense of personal status is as playful to me as the NFL Pro Football replica jersey.  They are not cheap (we’re talking at least a deuce of Benjamins), yet they are indeed the poor man’s Movado wristwatch.  On any given day, your average Joe can walk in the jersey of his hero and proclaim his loyalty.  In Indianapolis, wearing the jersey of Colts center Jeff Saturday will certainly illicit to the uninformed a, “Look at that guy; he must have a jersey for every day of the week”.  To the more discerning Colts fan, nothing short of a Peyton Manning jersey will do.  Why Peyton Manning?  Because he is the Indianapolis Colts.   To this discerning fan, he wants to be identified with success and yes, status.  He wants to broadcast his identity wherever he goes.  What better place to broadcast this identity than at an actual Indianapolis Colts game.   Head Coach Jim Caldwell is not likely to spot him in the cheap seats and gasp, “Jesus Christ, Manning what are you doing in the stands?  Get the fuck back on the field!”  However, in the fantasy that plays in this discerning fan’s head, he is rocking out his beer gut to the envy of the guy sitting next to him, sporting a Movado wristwatch.