There appears to be a new trend in advertising that creates a perception in the minds of the public that the company they represent may have some rather unappealing employees.  The Esurance ‘Saver’ projects a sense of arrogance that merits more of a kick in the nuts from his co-workers rather than the envy he feels entitled to.  Every office suite in America has at least one ‘Saver’, but you typically just want to run away from them.  I would never call in for an insurance quote from a guy who exhibited such WKRP in Cincinnati Herb Tarlek behaviors. This is the best ad campaign the agency could come up with?

Another advertising trend displays a lack of enthusiasm for the very products they are trying to sell.  This is best demonstrated in the annoying Windows 7 ‘Cloud’ commercial in which a husband and wife at the airport find out their flight has been delayed.  The husband immediately initiates a heroic, “To the Cloud!”  This of course, launches a Lazy Susan spin of their fellow passengers, much to the confused reaction of one woman in a close-up.  The husband retrieves the couple’s recorded programming from their home TV to their laptop, to which the wife reacts with the lackluster energy of a post-operative patient coming out of anesthesia… “Yea, cloud”.  This isn’t what we want to see.  We want to see a high five, a chest bump or some airport gate dry-humping.  Why couldn’t they deliver on that?

Yet another advertising trend is the unsavory customer or potential customer.  Take the T-Mobile (Apple vs. PC rip-off), commercial in which a short, frustrated man becomes overly upset at the interruption of a basketball game he is viewing on his smartphone.  Attempting to calm him down is the lovely spokes-model, Carly Foulkes.  She is holding a T-Mobile smartphone that could possibly generate better reception.  Rather than thank her, the now obvious jerk tosses aside his smartphone and yanks the new smartphone out of Carly’s hand.  (Who does that to Carly Foulkes?  She’s the freaking girl next-door, for the love of…).  Witnessing a game-changing basket, the jerk calls his mother and exclaims, “In your face!”  Is that how the ad agency views us as new subscribers?  Do they think we’re THAT guy?

I get the fact that these commercials stick in your mind and that’s what the ad agencies want.  Couldn’t they just continue with Snoop Dogg performing atop a stack of Pepsi cans for an in-store concert?  At least that commercial has fireworks.